Michael Jacobson

Michael is determined and ambitious for something new and great. He is very creative and hard working artist that likes to operate in challenging environments, seeking new efficient and creative ways to work smarter and make contributions to the progress of creation. He is an artist that has the ability to work through many mediums to express his ideas. He posses a unique understanding of mechanics of artistic talent, which is demonstrated, through his various works of art. For as long as he can remember art has been a part of his life, a way to escape the world we live in and help create a new way. Using various mediums and color schemes he started to find a rhythm in his own artwork. Lights and Paint, more than just a painting and a visual show, it artwork that comes alive. His mission is for you to never get bored looking at the piece. His inspiration comes from Leonardo Da Vinci, Einstein, Science, Nature, great thinkers, and artist from our world. When asked about the concept of color and light theory art- he came up with it on accident after painting in a color changing LED lit room… When the actual lights were turned on, his painting was nothing of what he had imagined; thus MrLightsAndPaint was created. Art is everything and everything is art; creativity has no limits; it’s infinite, unbound, and interconnected.

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